Premium Cat Large Ivory Litter Box

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Is it a comfortable litter box just because it is large? It is a truly comfortable litter box when a cat can move freely at a 360 degree angle without bending her back.
Beyond 20 inches of the average length of a cat, whether horizontal or vertical, cats can comfortably move in any position.
The design for cats with a long upper body and a relatively short lower body can satisfy both cats and cat parents, not only providing psychological comfortability during cat's bowel movements but also efficient space.
Considering a cat's average leg length of 6 inches and a proper litter height of 2 to 3 inches, it is necessary to have a suitable height that is convenient for the cat to enter and the litter and residual excrement do not escape.
The 5.9 inches entrance of the large litter box is not only comfortable, but also protects the cat's soles of the feet with a wide foothold so that the cat can comfortably raise her feet at the entrance.
All litter boxes of MUGNLOO are made of the highest quality PP material, which is used for baby tableware and kitchen cutting boards, and the antibacterial material contained in it inhibits bacterial growth.
MUGNLOO's litter boxes are another piece of furniture. Decorate your living space with colors and designs that fit anywhere.
The all-in-one design ensures that neither cat's excrement nor litters leak out.


>Product Type: Standard Litter Box

>Antibacterial: Yes

>Suitable for Multiple Cats: Yes

>Material: Plastic

>Built-In Scoop: No


Finish/Color Ivory
Main Product Material PP
Rsidential Use Yes
Commercial Grade No
Built-In Scoop(Y/N) N
Sifting Pan(Y/N) N
BPA Free(Y/N) Y
Non-Stick Surface(Y/N) Y
Filter Included(Y/N) N
Dishwasher Safe Y
Type of Assembly No
California Proposition 65 Warning No
Country of Origin South Korea
Warranty 1 year limited manufacturer warranty
Product Weight 3.31 lbs
Overall Dimensions 17.72"L x 24.02"W x 9.84"H

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